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Fischbach, Perlstein, Lieberman & Almond LLP provides legal and business guidance to clients in the entertainment, branding, music, motion picture, television, and publishing industries. Our clients seek counsel on all aspects of commerce; including strategic business advice, negotiation and completion of business agreements, the management and protection of intellectual property rights and other matters relating to their business operation. Our clients are creators, producers, owners and distributors of content in every form.


We regularly involve our firm in transactions ranging from development, financing, publication and distribution of interactive entertainment properties and related technology licensing; the development, financing, production and distribution of motion picture and television properties; the financing and distribution of recorded music and the acquisition and licensing of master recordings and copyrights pertaining thereto; acquisition and administration of music publishing rights; and licensing and merchandising of character, entertainment and sports properties.


With our extensive experience in entertainment content, clients look to us for advice on specific transactions and intellectual property matters, as well as the broader aspects of business, including purchase and sale of entertainment companies and entertainment assets, employment, real estate and other general commercial matters. Our practice involves representing corporate clients and individuals, including leading recording artists, songwriters, television celebrities, actors, producers, directors and authors.


FPL&A works on a global scale, regularly called upon to represent clients in dealings with their business partners throughout the world. We work with companies based in other countries, that retain us to represent their interests in the United States as well as US-based companies which conduct business around the world (North America, Europe, Asia and South America. We also have relationships with leading law firms around the world.


The members of the firm have negotiated agreements on behalf of its clients with the leading companies involved in entertainment, and content, including software publishers, record companies, music publishers, film studios, television networks production companies, professional sports leagues, book publishers and brands. We have formed close working relationships with many leading companies in these industries.


Cutting edge deals, extensive experience and close working relationships with the leaders in entertainment provide unique opportunities, insights and relationships, all for the benefit of our clients.


Our Partners On Entertainment Law


"The attorney’s job is to negotiate contracts that are clear and not subject to interpretation; the clients job is to enter into agreements only with those you would do a deal with on a handshake."


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